With Apologies to Nicolaus

Recently things have been pretty hectic.  Before that they were, well, depressing.  Or depressed.  Or just Winter.  Take your pick I suppose.  It was my own 3 shades of gray without any of the bestselling juicy bits.  In any case, regardless of the name you want to use for it, I slept a lot.  I also did a fair bit of Netflix & Chill during that time.  (I don’t know what everybody is going on about that either; it’s kinda boring just sitting there on the couch gorging on a giant bowl of microwave popcorn that, despite the serving size recommendations, you know you will finish by yourself…) Long story (3 months of Winter long) short (see note on sleeping all the time above), things have progressed to hectic.

Some of that would be the general hubbub of Spring. Birds, bees, rabbits, dogs, cats, cows all in some state of twitterpation, and/or frolicking in the newly re-discovered warmth of the sun.  It can be a racket for sure…

Another generous portion of that would be the not-insignificant backlog of things that I didn’t ‘get around to doing’ the prior few months.  Which brings us to the hectic that is currently rushing about me these days.  All caught up?  Good.

If depression makes me want to sleep and disengage, hectic chaos can cause similar feelings only without the imagined narcolepsy.  Back to Netflix & Popcorn again.  Or beer.  Or cookies.  Or just the damn dough because I like to bake with alcohol and it’s really just killing two birds with one stone that way…

I digress.

Hectic feels like a tornado.  Or rather, because that’s far too life threatening, dramatic and grand, Hectic feels like a merry-go-round that you would ever so dearly like to get off.  Getting whipped around and around, and it’s not slowing down, and your stomach is getting ready to make it’s own efforts to counter the spin however spectacularly ineffective it may be, and there’s very little you can do about it because you’re busy keeping arms and legs inside the vehicle until it’s come to a complete stop.  In short: you feel out of control.

That last bit is the hard part.  Feeling out of control.  Feeling swept along on something that’s inducing astronaut training level G-forces into my gut while Henry (you know the big kid on the playground) really puts his back into keeping things going around, primarily because he’s really only got one job that’s appreciated at recess and, truth be told, he’s secretly a bit of a perfectionist.

That’s what hectic feels like to me.

Now the other morning in the bathroom while getting ready for work (I’m not going to lie; I do some of my best thinking in the shower), and I had this thought.  It started ricochetting around my head like a bullet in one of those spaghetti westerns.  You know the ones where the shot careened off every available surface to finally it hits the target dead center much to everyone (particularly the targets) amazement? Yeah.  Like that.

The thought was this;  Copernicus seriously messed with everyones Cosmological World View.

To paraphrase K.J. Rowling; “I solemnly swear that I am getting to a blasted point.”  No.  Really.  I am.

Copernicus (by way of a quick review) was the chap who spoke up suggesting that the Earth revolved around the Sun made a bit more sense of the way things worked in the heavens than the previously accepted Earth is the center of everything view point.

It all came down to perspective.  Standing on the Earth, it doesn’t feel like it’s moving but we see the sun and the moon and the stars all getting about their days and nights around us.  Copernicus observed some very subtle motions that tipped him off to the idea of a different set of movements for the Earth (and therefor us as passengers) around the solar system.

Back to point.  So what if I’m not spinning on the merry-go-round?  What if it’s spinning around me?  (And yes, I am aware of the irony of that rather blatant Anti-Copernican statement).

I remember attempting to deal with Merry-go-round’s moving at Henry velocity by staring at the battered and scuffed diamond plate floor of the ride.  Inspecting the weld points where the bars had been welded to it’s once shiny surface.  It was moving with me at my speed and spinning through all this just like I was and didn’t prompt my stomach to rebel quite as quickly as the blur of screaming, cheering faces that were whirling past.

This raised the following question; so what if I’m not spinning in hectic chaos, but it’s spinning around me?  I’m the man in the center of my own little storm.  And the center of each storm hold an eye of calm.


Just like that, I went from being twirled about on an out of control merry-go-round to being calmly at the center of my own personal whirlwind.   And if I’m standing there, feet on the ground, then its suddenly so much easier to be calm and at peace.  Storms come and go.  Winds blow and howl then turn gentle and fresh.

What’s important is the realization that this is happening around me, not too me.

Armed with my newly adjusted worldview, hectic is just a strong breeze messing up my hair and tugging at my shirt tails.

I got this.


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